Friday, July 9, 2010

Tutorial Revisited

Wow, blast from the past. In chatting with a friend this evening I mentioned how I did a photo tutorial to use flat cloth diapers.... and realized... that was a long time ago.

Unfortunately, I'm not cloth diapering Brynn. I can barely stay on top of the laundry situation for 6 kids. I remember my boyfriend saying he was a little sad because he was really curious to see the cloth diaper thing in action. After reviewing this post I'm a little tempted to be honest. I love love love prefolds and flats. I have the greatest clothesline at my new house that I can perfectly envision little squares of white blowing in the breeze as they sun dry. Maybe I'll just pretend and hang the flats up on the line for fun!

I think for the time being as a single parent of six, I'll use my energy to keep barely staying on top of my current laundry and cleaning workload.

There are still little twinges in my heart wishing to wrap a teeny tiny bottom up in those little white squares.

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