Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Guide to the Oragami Fold for Flat Diapers

First fold your flat into quarters
(ignore the wrinkles, they sat unfolded for a while and I'm not going to iron diapers!)

Find the corner with all 4 corners

Pull up just one single corner
Pull over to the opposite side, forming a triangle on top of your square. This is the back of the diaper.

The way I learned you did all this while holding the diaper in the air, which I found quite tricky. I think it's easier to learn this way and then flip it over to see the front of the diaper.
Here are 2 diapers. The top diaper is what it will look like after you flip it over. The bottom diaper is the square folded in half towards the center of your diaper.

Fold the "square", now rectangle, in half again towards the center. For a wider center only fold into thirds towards the center (the top diaper in this picture).

The diaper is now ready to put on your baby.. or rather, put your baby on the diaper. Bring the center up (Don't mind the lack of baby here). For a nice snug fit around the legs, I roll the sides up once like this(one is rolled, one is not to show the difference):
Bring in sides, pin, snappi, or tie!

Here's my baby modeling the diaper because she's cute and I can't resist.
For night time, you can take a second flat, fold it into a rectangle and lay it down the center.

Here's the above two diapers combined, laying next to a disposable for comparison. For some reason I thought a small baby bottle would help give a point of reference for size too.


Rissa said...

I'm sold. Completely. I'm gonna do it. Love it! :)

I actually remember you putting one of these on Shiloh! I watched you fold it and we must've been talking about something else, because I kept thinking, "I NEED to ask her where she got that diaper!" but I never did!

Well this is exciting. I saw them for sale at you Amazon store. Do you know if Gerber (or anyone else) makes organic flats? Also...I have a bazillion Little Beetle boosters. Do you think they'd work with a flat like the Kissaluv boosters do? They're made of several layers of very absorbant cotton velour. Seems like they should...!

Anyway...I don't know how you'll answer all my questions on here! You can just email me! :)


scrappysue said...

bless you for using cloth nappies! they look so cute too. thanks for stopping by my blog