Monday, July 12, 2010


Ok, seriously? Can someone tell me what's going on? What is up with all the comments on my blog posts being in some type of asian character font? Is it just my computer? Can someone else read them? I don't know what they say and I'm afraid to click the links in case they are some sort of horrible virus/spam/yucky-nasty-stuff.


Learning Lifes Curves said...

Ok so it's not just your computer you deff have comments written all crazy like in another language. I tried translating the page but it didn't work. :/ I didn't try clicking on it.. Just wanted to let you know you are not in fact going crazy ;)

Kristin said...

It is Japanese porn. I get them on my blog all the time and I have to delete them. :-(

Kate said...

Augh. How annoying. Thank you, though, Kristin!