Friday, July 9, 2010

Rant, Rant, Rant

I had so many other blog thoughts for today, but this one has to get off my chest.

I understand that the male mind works totally different than the female mind. I can't comprehend it completely as a woman, just like I can't comprehend having cancer - experiences I haven't had, and obviously I'll never experience the male mentality. I understand that they can not help their hormonal, physiological makeup. But I do believe men can exercise self control when it comes to their actions and when it comes to what they allow their minds to be filled with and think on. I believe it's possible after having read several books, written by men who put the work in to overcome compulsive behavior, after learning about my ex-husbands affairs.

That being said, knowing it's not a "natural guy thing" that they "can't help" I am so disgusted by the objectification of women. The caveman mentality of ogling the bodies of women as if they are nothing more than their physical make up - and I get it that in that moment of visual gratification those woman aren't anything more to the man than their physical makeup.

To make matters worse, this is so prevalent in the sports industry. Here we are getting kids involved with sports "be a healthy hero!" "fight obesity in america!" "be healthy, exercise!" just to immerse them into the world of professional sports female objectification.

It's widely accepted. Hey, they're guys. This is what they do.

I find it ironic that the same men will gripe when a woman experiences PMS symptoms and make crass remarks about "Sheesh, that time of the month" with disdain about anything they feel is outrageous from a woman. Well guess what - I find your unrestrained hormonal compulsions disgusting as well. Only why are yours totally socially and culturally acceptable?

What got me on my rant was trying to look up a recent trivia contest for a local sports radio talk show. Their website consisted of two basic categories. Sports and hot babes. Really? What do bikini clad women washing cars have to do with the local minor league sports teams? They even have some links to pictures broken down to a rating viewing system of "PG" and "R" Well, gosh thanks. Because that makes it SO much better. I'm a woman - not a cup size. Oh and if you can wrap your mind around that concept, here's another : I have brains and emotions to boot.

I like and enjoy sports. I fail to see how scantily clad women have anything to do with that topic. And I have great distaste for the fact that it's so mainstream that the two go hand in hand together.


David said...

You can barely turn on the TV without seeing caveman programming or advertising. Great thoughts!

I'll join in:

If you're a Christian guy, don't watch films/TV where woman are portrayed in a way you wouldn't want to see your sister portrayed. Or if you have kids, how about your daughter? Or how about having your wife site next to you (figuratively) at your next "guy" movie night. It may not be x-rated, but is it admirable? Some of the guys I've encountered are fans of certain genres, films, and television that are riddled with an inaccurate views of women, while at the same time espousing devotion to their wife and God. Job 31:1. It's a heart issue.


Kate said...

Really like your input, Dave!!!