Thursday, May 28, 2009

Selling the stash

So as much as I love cloth diapering, I just can't do it right now with some of the turns our path of life has taken. I pretty much haven't cloth diapered since my last post after getting all those diapers.

I went to go post on the cloth diaper swap board today and they've changed the forum! So while I wait until the next thursday that I'm approved to be a member of... here's what I have if anyone is interested. I have low, low, low prices because I just want the giant basket out of here. Feel free to make alternative offers, and I'd be willing to sell the whole lot together real cheap if you want to take everything. All prices include shipping costs.

1 wahmies diaper pail liner. I have a handful of citrus deodisks I'll toss in for free. I think the color is orchid. $10

1 XL Dream Eze cotton SQ fitted, natural color. Slightly discolored. $6

2 XL Dream Eze cotton SQ fitted, purple. $7 each, or $10 for both. 1 natural.

2 XL Dream Eze cotton SQ fitted, yellow. Slightly discolored $6 each or $9 for both.

*or $20 for all 5*

6 Baby Beehinds Bamboo one size fitteds. Best diaper EVER. 1 was bleached somehow. 1 is pretty worn. The rest are like new. blue, purple, 2 teal, 1 pink, and 1 orange. All come with 2 snap in bamboo doublers. $18 each, or $90 for all size (this is such a steal)

1 L periwinkle Thirsties cover. Some slight discoloration around the legs. $7

1 L Red Thirsties cover. Some slight discoloration around legs. $7

1 Kissaluvs size 2, blue. $5

1 M Blueberry Diapers cover in pink and green dots, snap closure. $9

1 M Aqua Thirsties cover. $9

1 M Dream Eze cotton, yellow. $6

2 kissaluvs size 1, 1 has some spots on it, still soft. $8 for both together.

1 size 1 little beetle pink cover (my all time favorite) $12

1 S pink thirsties cover. Very light discoloration on front aplix from me spilling coffee... almost came out $7

1 S fitted Little Beetle velour, white. Missing 1 snap - doesn't effect function $5

1 S AIO Rumpster diaper, burgundy, lots of pilling but in good condition with lots of life left. $6

1 Mother Eve 1 size pocket diaper in Raspberry with 4 layer hemp/microterry insert *New* $10

1 Wonder Works 1 size pocket diaper in light pink (almost white) snap closure $5

1 Small Tail Feather pocket diaper, butterflies (my favorite pocket.. so stinking cute) $8

2 pairs MOE breast pads $5.00 for both

1 pair of little beetle wool breast pads $5.00

3 snappis $1

1 Baby Beehinds Bamboo fold up booster $4.00

11 prefolds, not all were even used before. These are the best. Blue thread - so I believe regular size. $15

10 prefolds, not all were used in this size either. Green thread - so I believe the toddler size. $15


Jenn @ A Country Girl's Ramblings said...

Sorry, I'm not in the market for diapers any more!

Persuaded said...

im tempted to buy them just so i can gaze upon them... i love cloth diapers, lol.

Meghan said...

Kate, I'd like to get this one:

1 Mother Eve 1 size pocket diaper in Raspberry with 4 layer hemp/microterry insert *New* $10

I have two boys, but I guess they can deal with the raspberryness:) I am in Geneseo now. My parents are in Hamlin though. How should I get it from you? Do you want to leave the diaper with my parents? I'm not sure if you're living near Hamlin or not. At any rate, I def. want it and we can figure that out. Thanks!

Meghan Stanley

ryleeandnoahsmom said...

I'm curious if you are also selling off your wool stash. I've been trying wool out and so far I'm on the fence. I love the concept, but its a pain to wash separate, then lanolize, etc. Now you have me thinking about your diapers. I may be interested in some. I'll let you know : )
PS- Sorry that its not conducive to your life right now...I know how much you enjoyed it!

michelle said...

I'd be interested in your prefolds. I have such ammonia issues with my microterry.

let me know.

Sarah O said...

Can you tell me about the Dream Eze's?

I am also interested in your Thirsties covers. The M and L.

Hmm. Excited to maybe get new diapers. Sad that you aren't doing it anymore! (Although Shiloh probably won't be in diapers for that much longer anyhow!)

Kate said...

@Michelle - please send me an e-mail so we can make arrangements to get the prefolds to you :-)

michelle said...


Kate said...

Hi Michelle, I tried to e-mail you there but the e-mail was bounced back to me. Want to try e-mailing me?

kebel at rochester dot rr dot com

Kristin said...

Were you able to sell much? I am so interested it cloth diapering, but scared of the price committment of buying new!

michelle said...

Kate-did my email get to you?

michelle said...

Have you sent the prefolds yet? Just wondering b/c we're leaving for vacation Saturday and I wondered if I should be looking for them before that? Thanks Kate!

michelle said...

Hey there. I wanted to say I love the prefolds! WOW are they absorbant!! have you sold off any more of your stash? If not, are your thirsties covers still available? Thanks Kate!