Monday, September 1, 2008

Monday M.o.M. Review : I found the Ultimate Prefolds

There are two types of cloth diapering moms.

The first mom has more than she needs, so that she is never without a diaper and is comfortably washing every so often, even without running out of diapers.

The second is the mom who has just enough.. or almost just enough. This mom feels like she just finished washing and is turning around to throw them in the wash again.

I am both of those moms. I am mom #1 for Shiloh, she has plenty as she still easily fits into and uses our flats.

I am mom #2 for Liam. This boy is a super soaker, and it's been hard to find diapers that are large enough and absorbent enough for him. I mentioned how much I love Baby Beehinds Bamboo Fitteds. They fit him great and are very absorbent, but on the higher end for price (although they are a one size fitted, and I do think they're worth it).

I finally decided I was tired of running out of diapers for him and trying to desperately wash and dry before he was running around pantsless. So I thought prefolds will be an inexpensive way to increase our stash, and I can use them during his awake times. My experience with toddler prefolds and my oldest two when they were diapered was unimpressive. They were absorbent, but would be saturated by morning and very bulky after quilting up. But I figured for an hour or two while Liam was awake it should suffice.

My favorite seller of prefolds is an ebay seller. Her username is granitesmith. She has fantastically low prices, great customer services, fast shipping, and good products. I noticed that since I last bought prefolds they had a new kind they had specifically manufactured for softness, durability, absorbency, and resistance to pilling. They're also supposed to be the heaviest toddler prefold on the market.

Let me tell you - the description is beyond accurate. These prefolds don't quilt up much and they are snuggly soft. They are nice and trim (in contrast my previous experience with prefolds on toddlers) and they amazingly absorbent. I was shocked at the first diaper change that Liam's diaper hardly appeared to be wet. I used one for nap time before I was brave enough to try one out for the night. After using it for the night I couldn't even believe it. While other diapers are usually wet to their maximum absorbency these prefolds were still dry in places - and I only used one for night time! They are easily snappiable and I highly recommend them.

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Beck said...

Wow thank you so much for this recommendation! I have a feeling it will save me time, money and mentality. My 17 month old daughter has ALWAYS been a heavy wetter and for the longest time I've had her in disposables at night. You've given me hope! Thank yoU!
beck of