Tuesday, June 2, 2009


If I could, I would give every mom each one of these

And one of these

They have literally changed my life and that is NOT an overexaggeration. They are amazing. I love love love them. The steam mop does a fanastic job on the floors. I've used it on tile, laminate, hardwoods - all great. It's just as fast as a swiffer - without the overpowering scent of chemicals. It's definiltely the most efficient type of mop since the steam takes care of the elbow grease usually used with handwashing that a traditional mop lacks.

The handheld steamer is PERFECT. Ever find a spill that you weren't informed of? Or something sticky? Or... something all of use want to pretend we never find at our own homes? Yes, the steam is amazing for getting all that stuff up quickly. I used it to clean my refrigerator today, my least favorite of all chores. Not only was it so much quicker, but it made the job much more pleasent. I think my least favorite chore will be taking the trash out now because the steamers can't do that for me ;-).

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Persuaded said...

i have a steam cleaner, but i never could quite get the hang of it.. more's the pity.