Thursday, May 14, 2009

Circular motion

There are days when I run in circles. The truth is, if I literally went outside and ran in a circle for hours even that would be more productive. At least I'd be reaching my target heart rate and burning calories.

It's the kind of day where multiple toddler disasters feels like I might as well throw in the towel, enjoy a cup of coffee, and hope tomorrow is better.

And yet I'm thankful for having older kids to know that this time period of life will pass and pass quickly. I remember when Isaac was 3 thinking that I was never going to accomplish anything of significance. And by significance I thought things like keeping up with laundry, having clean counters, and no food on the floor.

Is it so much to want all the beds to be made, the counters clear, and the floors clean? I think not. But an army of toddlers think otherwise.

The two littlest ones are napping and I laughed at myself when I realized I thought "I'm a few steps ahead now!! Bring it on little people!"

I raise my coffee cup to all you other mom's of lots of little ones out there.... to conquering the little people.


Persuaded said...

now that my littles are not so little any more, i actually miss those hyper-busy, messy, sticky days. i don't miss the always tired feeling i had though;)

Kristin said...

Yes, it does help to have older children to remind you that the days pass quickly... and the seasons, too.