Monday, July 26, 2010

The now

In case the internet is concerned, on the sleep front, Brynn seems to have effectively increased my milk supply and we're back to our late night + 2 middle of the night waking nursing routine. I can live with this. (Coffee in hand. Literally - right now. mmmm.)

Something about new babies makes me all clucky. I start getting all homey and nesty and wanting to be creative.. I'm currently planning a wall paper stripping/painting event. I'm debating on some color choices but think I've narrowed it down to one from the Pottery Barn color wheel. While I love vivid colors, Pottery Barn always seems to make me feel calm when I look through their rooms. So for the dining area... I think a mellowing olive branch green is the way to go. I'm getting excited. I may hate myself halfway through the wall paper removal process necessary for this task. We shall see.

Super Soccer Saturday was the end of our soccer season extravaganza. My children each played 4 games. They each played phenomenally even though it was sweltering hot. I forgot the sunscreen, but I really am the only one who needs it to prevent burning. Yes, I was a beautiful shade of lobster by the evening. I was able to keep my creamy white baby in the shade thanks to the stroller. The rest of my children continued to bronze further. How I envy their skin tone. Nora scored 2 goals, which put her at a total for 8 this season. Giovanna was able to make a goal which was her first for the year, leaving her feeling VERY positive that she scored at least once this year. Isaac got a second goal in for the season as well. They were all quite pleased with themselves and I do believe that made their end of the year ice cream taste even better.

To keep in line with running around like chickens with our heads cut off, our season for football and cheerleading starts tonight. Oh practices. Football is actually a great sport for Isaac, challenging his limits emotionally forcing him to step outside his comfort zone and grow. We'll see how it is this year, hopefully just as motivating as last year. Cheerleading was also great last year for Giovanna. It seems to come to her the way soccer comes naturally for Nora. It's just her thing. She's super upbeat, outgoing and she's been that way since she was little.

This reminds me I need to start getting dinner together earlier in the evenings now. Hmmmm... Off to prep for our night!

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