Friday, July 30, 2010

Two Things I Know For Sure..

Tonight turned out to be spontaneously child free. #1 son went to see Despicable Me with his father last weekend. Which of course means everyone else needed to see Despicable Me A.S.A.P. Luckily for the other littles, they have an aunt who has seen the movie twice already as she loves it so much. She volunteered to take them to the drive in tonight to see it (yes, her third time. I feel like I really need to see this movie now). #1 son was so helpful and darling to his Nana today that she, feeling he was a little left out, offered to let him have a sleepover. So... Brynn and I went grocery shopping. Just the two of us! A little date with my pumpkin pie - who promptly fell asleep in the first five minutes.

So I put in the ear buds and danced around my favorite grocery store enjoying the solitude (as much solitude as one has in a public place with their baby... but you know what I mean, web friends), pushing around the babe, and really enjoying grocery shopping. As I was approaching checking out I bumped into a fellow football mom, who greeted me with "Hey! Some late night shopping alone, huh?" She understands - she has 4 children. I told her I almost felt like I wanted to lap the store again. It was SO WEIRD and fun. Or maybe not fun, maybe I don't know fun anymore. Either way. It was a lot easier.

I unloaded my full cart onto the belt and the cashier actually made polite chit chat with me. "They talk to customers???" was my thought. She kept glancing at me and finally said "What department do you work in here?" I said "Oh, I don't work here." And she said "Oh, I'm sorry. I thought you looked so familiar for some reason. Do you come in frequently?" And I said "Well, I do my regular grocery shopping here.... maybe you've noticed me in here because I come often...with all my kids." And she said "Waaaaaaiiit.... do you have like, a LOT of kids?? That always have a hand on the cart??" I said "Yeah.. that's my system.. you probably hear me say "hands, Hands" throughout our shopping trip.. you know... then I always know where everyone is." She said "YES! That's you. You're that lady with all those kids! Are they really all yours? We're all wondering."

Yes. I'm THAT lady. Oh man. I have even become an object of public speculation. I think that means it's definitely time to move to a new town.

Two things I know for sure. 1) The world is entirely too small. 2) I am officially known as that lady with all those kids.

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