Thursday, July 1, 2010

5 am

Good Morning, Web Browser! WOW! It is early. There is nothing that I could think of that could rouse me to be up at 5 am than a child or a puppy. This morning it is puppy. Since it is puppy, after feeding him some breakfast we came outside to sit. The brisk cold fresh air woke me quite immediately. Hmmm... alternative to the autobrew? The french press may work just fine after all.

I had to run in and quickly grab my laptop to document that not only was I 1) awake and lively at such an unearthly hour but 2) it’s beautiful and serene at this unearthly hour! I should be rushing to get the pup back into his little bed and to sleep. I certainly don’t think I could handle it becoming a habit, 5 am potty calls. But as he is poking his way around the yard I just can’t help but to enjoy the silence of the early morning.

It’s chilly here.. I initially sat on my cold cement steps. Wow. Don’t do that, internet. Don’t do that. Too cold for that. (may be or may be not the real reason why I’m so wide awake... maybe more realistically than the cold air, or in addition to. No way to really know). So I grabbed a sweater as I ran in to grab the lappy. (And then sat in a chair upon my return)

I think Miller is now getting bored of the early morning. I am not as fun as Isaac to take him outside to potty. Isaac will run around the house with him and enjoy the morning. Mamma just sits there. I really should go back in and try to get a little more sleep while I still can. I may get a load of laundry started first. Wow. WHO AM I? What do they put in the early morning air that is effecting me like this?!?

I hope that you get the chance to enjoy the beauty of a 5 am morning sometime, Internet. Just remember, don’t sit on the cold cement.

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