Sunday, June 27, 2010

French Press

I've been considering getting a French Press. Everyone I know that has one raves about them and how they'll never go back to a coffee maker again. My coffee maker has become more fickle recently. It started as a once in a while thing when it would decide it wasn't getting out of bed in the morning to brew me some coffee, to now it rarely turns on to brew. I've been holding out hoping that maybe it would rid itself of this bad attitude and return to it's rightly place in the kitchen, helping me out as I so desperately need in the morning. But it seems to have forgotten where it belongs.

Now don't get proud of me, thinking of how well I handle mornings with or without my coffee. Oh, no. Since this coffee maker debacle I've been nursing my crutch with some diet soda in the morning. I know, as if it could get any worse. Don't judge me - I know you sneak pastries in the afternoon, internet. We all have our vices.

Anyway, so I was all ready to order my first french press when I realized a key missing element - no auto brew. I know, I know - the french press has coffee ready in 4 minutes. But that four minutes equates to probably about 30 for me.

First I have to stumble around my kitchen wondering where I keep my coffee. Because even though it is in the same place, my foggy morning brain always seems to think it's like "Where's Waldo" and you can't ever really be sure where it is. Then I'll have to get the water to boil, which means I have to turn the right dial on the stove on - this is a big challenge. Envision me standing in front of the stove waiting to watch for a red spot to then turn it off and try the next one. By the time that water boils and makes it into the french press we're talking a 20 minute ordeal minimum.

I really like being able to set autobrew the night before. This has been an important feature for me. Not to mention the times where it helps coax my tired rear out of bed when I smell the taunting aroma that reaches my brain like a sweet little song "Come to the kitchen, you don't want to miss this beautiful ungodly early hour of the morning, yum yum yum!"

All that said, I'm still giving the french press a try. I'm sure I'll get myself into an autopilot mode to get the coffee made in the mornings. I'll keep you posted, now go enjoy your pastry.

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