Saturday, June 26, 2010

Give the Tooth Fairy a Break

In one week, my 8 year old has lost two teeth and my 6 year old also lost her first tooth.

When Isaac lost a tooth at the beginning of the week there was great excitement. He's 8, it's his third tooth to fall out. Pretty normal. Then, Giovanna lost her first tooth yesterday. She's 6 1/2, younger than Isaac was when he lost his first one, but mostly average still for her age. Then today Isaac yanked out the 4th one. I don't know if he just couldn't have his sister steal the lime light or maybe there were rumors of the tooth fairy going broke (there was a boy in his class this year who said the tooth fairy gave out $5 for teeth without cavities.... that raised some ruckus here until I explained that it was molars without cavities.... bought myself a little more time). This particular tooth seemed to not be quite ready. Yet, somehow the boy with low pain tolerance, yanked that sucker out of there. Do you realize what happens when a baby tooth isn't ready to give? It's a gusher. Sheesh. Good thing blood doesn't make me woozy!

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