Friday, June 25, 2010


So finally, after the destruction of my previous laptop (thank you, Shiloh..) I am up and running again.

What's gone on since the last time? My goodness... new house.. new baby.. new puppy.. getting ready for school full time for the first time.. boyfriend and I are trying to make some plans for the future.. Basically you're best off asking yourself what has actually not happened since the last time. Life is still ever a whirlwind.

Brynn was born a healthy 9 pounds 7 ounces. My biggest baby yet! He's been the easiest happiest baby from the get go. I'm not going to attempt the birth story here, but it was great! Boyfriend and best friend were there, the experience was exceptional thanks to the hard work they put in with me. He arrived safely and healthy and has been a sweet little bundle since. I still can't believe I have six children now. Good gracious. So many days have passed where I've wished I had access to blog about... are you all in for the adventures now!

The kids have had a great start to their sports' season. Soccer turns out to be Nora's sport. They all enjoy it, but - wow - she is our superstar! And no, we're not watching the World Cup. Not because of any reason, we aren't against it or anything. We're just not into it. Can I be honest with you? I didn't even know about the World Cup until this year. True story. Never even heard it mentioned. Is it exceptionally more popular to follow in the U.S. this time? I think it must be. I mean, I know I live under a rock. But really.

So we moved into a house next to my parents' farm. Yes, not only do my kids get to be next door but it is a farm as well. Complete with acres to run around, ponds, and baby animals brought with the spring season. It is a dream come true for them. And I have hardwood floors throughout the house and my kitchen is red. Dream come true for me.

Oh, and internet, we are still gluten free! Ok, so I'm not. I cheat. But I cook gluten free and the kids are still going strong. Shiloh has been gluten free her whole life. I am rather proud of us. The littles are so good about checking with people and informing them of their intolerance. It's become so natural. I wish I cold say I could stick with it 100% for me, but I'm a wimp. Too many favorite foods I miss.

I'm terrified to start college full time. I mean, I have to really get this undergrad stuff done and full time is my only option to get this career path underway and accomplished in a timely fashion. But...... my head hurts to think about it. I'll have 3 kids in school full time this fall as well, and 1 prek for half days. Keeping us all on a schedule with homework completed is going to be such a stretch.

It's been so long since my fulltime blogging days, I've probably lost the readers who I know had this info - but if there are any straggler's left out there.. any good recommendations on books for blending families? Boyfriend and I talk lots about our future together and I want to start seriously preparing myself. I want to be adequately ready, not only for the best transition but also to not be taken by surprise by any potential typical issues.

With his kids, mine, and ours (baby Brynn)... I'll be Kate plus 8. Not exactly in the typical fashion TLC would want to do a show about. But.. we're an American family, right?


Learning Lifes Curves said...

An American family you are for sure! Yay for Kate blogging again!! :)

Jennifer said...

So glad you are back to blogging. You were missed, friend!