Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The latest roster

I type out my first sentence "Finally slowing down a little" then delete it in correction, does my life ever slow down?

Tball is over. It was Giovanna's first year. She did great. I'm glad it's done. 3 days per week of tball + 3 days per week of baseball = 6 days per week of mommy running around like a chicken with her head cut off.

Isaac is in baseball, it's his first year of coach pitch. His games are still going. He's finally started to catch on to the concept of really watching and waiting for a good pitch - thus enjoying the game more since he isn't striking out.

Nora is anxious to play tball next year. I'm hoping she and Giovanna get the same set of coaches (I hope they do it again!)

Liam is still as much a destroyer as ever. Very very busy. On the potty training front we seem to have made some small progress. He's still mostly disinterested.

Shiloh is suddenly a toddler. I swear it happened over night. Sweet little baby giggles have transformed into shrieking tantrums. She's still smiley and so darn cute. She's constantly doing things that surprise me on a level of showing how intelligent she is. She has joined the ranks of destroyer with her brother. The 2 of them are exhausting me. I'm hoping I can find some kind of sport for Liam to participate in one he turns 3 so he can get tired out.

We have the month of July pretty open for right now. I'm hoping it stays low key. June has been real busy thus far. There will be no sports going on in July. In August football + cheerleading start up. But at least those are on the same day, so Isaac and Giovanna will be doing that together. I've noticed that while it feels hectic to be so involved in sports activities the kids are sleeping a lot better through the night and later into the morning. I'll take it :-)

Tonight I made Taco Soup which won over my dinner crowd. Deeeeelicious! Tomorrow I think I will be trying this recipe for the first time.

As always, I'm finding lots of things I'd like to do, read, participate in, etc that I have no time for ;-) Everyone fell asleep rather well tonight. I might indulge and watch a movie while eating chocolate chip cookies. MMmmm


Persuaded said...

we've never really gotten into the sports thing round here. noah loves sports but he was a bit wierded out when he kicked a ball at soccer and it beaned a little girl. after all the be-gentle-with-girls talk he gets it just felt seriously wrong to him, and i couldn't help but see his point. he does karate now and that's pretty much the extent of our involvement in sports.

i guess i'm just a throwback.. wishing for the days when kids' sports were segregated by gender.

michelle said...

Hi there. I hadn't heard from you and was just wondering if you've gotten a chance to send the prefolds? Thanks!!!

michelle said...

hey there. I hadn't heard from you. Just wondering if you've shipped my few items yet? Thanks!