Thursday, May 7, 2009

Like a baby

Driving along an ordinary stretch of road became immediately amusing as my 7 year old broke the silence (of course silence is aka no music, no dvd, but plenty of child chatter in the back) "Mom.. how old are you anyway?"

I think every mom knows that question is coming eventually. We just wonder how much time we'll get away with before it's asked.

I answered his question with a question, "How old do you think I am?" Dangerous, I know.

He said "Hmm.... 21?"


"Great guess buddy, but I'm not 21"

He tries again "20?" I shake my head. Then he comes out with this :

"Oh my gosh.. you're 17 aren't you? Wow you're like a baby still."


Kathryn said...

Ha! Doncha' love it? Reminds me of the Mother's Day teas during my daughter's preschool years: "My mommy is 140 years old and weighs 30 pounds." :-)

Persuaded said...

well, better than him thinking you are... say, 72, right? my louisa is missing your kids!