Friday, April 10, 2009


The whir of the vacuum grabs my attention from the kitchen. No one had asked to vacuum, no one should be vacuuming, and the room it was coming from especially concerned me. As I glance down the hallway I see a wide-eyed, whispy haired, pixie like child peek her head out the door. Taking in my apparent attention to the sound, she says "It wasn't me that turned on the vacuum, Mom."

"Oh really?" I ask. "Nuh uh. Not me." She claims. "Hmmmm... but you're all alone.. who could it have been?"

Feeling quite certain she is in the clear she shrugs as she walks back, confidently saying "I just can't know for sure."

And I think to myself........ it begins.


Erin said...

uh oh. If she's going to be sneaking, at least it's to vacuum! There are certainly worse things to be fibbing about.

David said...

You never know... she could be telling the truth.

True story: A guy called in for tech support because his computer rebooted every time his toilet flushed. 2 weeks of incredulous troubleshooting later, we discovered his sewage pump was on the same circuit as hist computer, so when the pump kicked on as he flushed, the voltage dropped causing the computer to reboot.

Then again... Mamma knows. :)
Good luck with that!

Persuaded said...

Hello! I'm so glad I found your little home here in blog-land!☺ Isn't blogging a hoot? I love it♥

btw, this is Diane (aka Louisa's mom) I'd love to have you come visit me☺