Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hello blog!

Catching up on blogging life here.....

*Sister is doing well. Still lots of resting and healing, thank you for your prayers. She's starting to gain much of her energy back.

*Isaac is thriving in school recently, since about mid-February his progress has sky rocketed and he is loving school.

*Giovanna and Isaac are signed up for TBall and Coach Pitch this year, starts in a few weeks. They're terribly excited.

*Liam still exhausts me to the point of feeling the need for napping every day ;-)

*I created this amazing dinner tonight that was tastey, healthy, and kid approved. Take a look.

*Can't believe it's almost Easter... how this year is flying by already! Do any of you put your kids in matching outfits? I usually try to do so. I thought I'd be frugal this year and just put them in their usual dress clothes..... but I'm sorely tempted.

*God is so good. Always.

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