Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cheating on Starbucks

Have I ever mentioned how much I love coffee? I must have right? I was a little bit of a fanatic. Although coffee and I do not go way back.

Although let's start in the beginning. The only way I could stomach coffee was something extremely flavorful, gourmet, and more like dessert than beverage from Starbucks. My first experience was back in high school. I wouldn't touch coffee. A friend of mine said "Oh you will. I'm going to introduce you." We went to Startbucks and he bought me a Caramel Macchiato. That's where it all began. Caramel Macchiato's were my thing. I loved loved loved them. I loved to get them with extra caramel and a shot of vanilla. At 5' 8" and 120 pounds I could afford those kind of extravagent calories.

Eventually I tried other yummy coffee treats, but never real coffee. Like the stuff my parents drank; black, flavorless, bitter and stinky.

Coffee was a treat for me, a snack if you will. I didn't call myself a coffee drinker, since that didn't even happen on a bi-weekly basis. Fast forward through the next many years of my life as a non-coffee drinker.

Then there was Liam. Liam was born. I should have took it as my first clue that it had nothing to do with the fact that I had four children, as I thought at the time, it was God - preparing me for how the boy would exhaust me once he could move. Brewing coffee was always an algebraic equation I could never seem to remember before. After Liam was born I made my pilgrimage to my coffee pot each morning, the mecca of my kitchen.

Coffee was no longer fun.
It was no longer dessert.
It was essential to life.
Coffee was like air.

So my coffee dependency has been a bit of a joke among friends and I. Until recently... my need for coffee has been less and less, and I have even more kids now! How is this you say? I finally started to get disciplined about taking my vitamins from Melaleuca. I have found mornings where I've forgotten to make coffee now! Crazy.

I've even found myself deciding to have one cup just for the enjoyment of the flavor. Weird.

I thought the state of my exhaustion was beyond repair, no going back, damaged forever by childbearing and sleepless nights. Apparently I was wrong. I've been feeling awesome!

Expect your stocks in Starbucks to take a severe hit.


Maryann said...

I love your writings...they delight my soul. I have also decreased my coffee consumption! Odd... never connected the it to Melaleuca!

Marisa said...

Coffee is my weakness. I am still in the stage where I use it to prop my peepers open... I will tackle this giant later. I have to admit if I was given the choice between chocolate and coffee I just might choose coffee. I have a serious weakness for the stuff. But wait, I already said that!