Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fran's Furniture

I like craigslist. A LOT. I love to buy and sell. I browse craigslist frequently for items that I really want but will definitely not be buying for myself in the near future. I keep thinking that maybe I'll find a great deal.

For instance I really want a leather couch. So I keep an eye out daily. You should see some of the furniture that comes in leather, I wonder why people bought it to begin with! Anyway, tonight I was looking through and I see someone is moving and needs to sell their black leather couch and chair quick. And it's a good price! I'm even more excited when I see there's a picture and I click it.

My first thought is "Yuck! This looks like furniture that should belong to Fran Drescher!"

What in the world makes me think stuff like that? I laughed to myself. I became even more amused the more I thought about that statement, then proceeded to google Fran Drescher's furniture. To prove my point.

I learned that Fran's furniture is actually mostly wicker and white and quite attractive. Completely unexpected.

I also learned that you can get framed prints of Fran Drescher for your home decor. Really? Who does that??

All in all a very amusing night. Check out the furniture section in your local craigslist for a few giggles here and there.... and if that doesn't amuse you.. well, you now know some miscellaneous facts about Ms. Drescher. Consider yourself smarter.

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Jane said...

You crack me up! You're so creative in your writting, I'm pretty sure you can make anything sound interesting. I loved this!