Tuesday, February 17, 2009


CLEARLY... the issue here is that I have too much time on my hands. We all know that.

To help solve this dilema I have, in fact, *drum roll*...... started another blog.

For those saying "huh?" and scratching your heads.... it's not another blog of my musings. I'm frequently asked for my recipes by friends. Today when I got a request from one I said "You know... I should just put together a blog of my favorite recipes." She said "The blog thing sounds like a GREAT idea!"

Thus, My Life as a Chef was born.

I cook so often and in such great quantity it's about time I have a record, an online cookbook if you will, of my favorites.

I also will use this blog as an opportunity to put your best recipes in the spotlight! Feel free to send recipes to me, I'll whip them up and put them up to share. Highliting your recipe and blog (if you have one).

So click on over, nothing too exciting yet. Recipes to come!

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