Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday M.o.M. Review : Zingo!

A told you about a game the other week the my kids like to play. Here's another one that they all enjoy to play together. It's one that my 2 year old needs a little assistance with, but the other kids are able to give him the help he needs with it. So it's another one the four of them can play together and have a good time without needing a "grown up" to explain it to them the whole game.

Everyone gets a board with 9 squares. Each square has a picture with the word to help with word recognition. We play the first one to fill up their card yells "ZINGO!" and wins :-) Each child likes to take a turn doling out the Zingo pieces as they play several rounds. Lots of fun! 2 thumbs way up from this family!

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