Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A gift worth giving

This year for family birthday gifts, we've explored the idea of gifts that really mean something. I made something for my mother-in-law, as homemade gifts always carry something sentimental with them forever. We've given ducks and chickens through World Vision in honor of the birthday person.

For one family member's birthday, we bought her a gift from the Mashiah Foundation.

We bought her a quilt from their Women of Hope ministry. They make beautiful wall hangings, table runners, bed quilts, coasters, aprons, oven mitts, and more. Extremely reasonably priced and it helps Nigerian women who had know hope to be able to provide income for themselves and their children if they have them.

Here's a picture of the beautiful red and white, 12 block wall hanging that I didn't want to give once I had it in my hands ;-) It was that beautiful!!

I've been thinking of how it would be nice to get a new bed set for our bedroom and I think from now on whenever I need a quilt/blanket I will be ordering it from Mashiah Foundation, since it supports something so wonderful.

How about you? Do you have any other special ways of giving that goes beyond blessing the giver and receiver?


Debbie said...

I love that quilt and the idea behind it. I have been thinking quite a bit about holidays and gifts. First, with the economy, I need to spend less. So it would be nice if what I buy has more meaning that a generic gift bought at a chain store. I love making things but it is not always easy to come up with ideas. I am going to look into the site for the quilt and would love any other ideas. Thanks!
Debbie http://suburbsanity.blogspot.com/

Eliza Ray said...

How do you look at the different quilts and things they have? I can't find a link on the website.

Amy Jo said...

I clicked over on the link, but don't see where to "shop" thier site. Is there another site you can point me too?