Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday M.o.M. Review : Hullabaloo

About two months ago we had a play date at a friend's house. Her kids introduced mine to Hullabaloo.

This game is great! Not only can the kids set it up and play it without any adult help, even our 23 month old plays along! The box says for 4 and up. Our 3 year old can play this just fine.

It helps reinforce shapes and colors. And it's fun for my older kids because of instructions like "Fly like a plane to a triangle." and "Keep your foot on a circle and put your elbow on a square."

The real giggles come out when a winner is instructed to "Do a funky dance!" All the kids join in the funky dance and lots of cheering.

The little guy doesn't really know how to follow the instructions but just jumps from pad to pad as he sees his older siblings do. He also understands the funky dance part.

Anything that can entertain four kids ages 23 months - 6 gets two thumbs way up from me!


David said...

Haha. That's great. I think my kids would enjoy the funky dance part for sure. I'll have to keep a look out for that, we're quite the gaming family. (At least us parents are.)

redeemed said...

We love this game beyond belief!! It is the best!

Mrs. Querido said...

Sounds like fun :)

Eliza Ray said...

No offense.

But 23 months? really? Why not just a year and a half? hahahaha.