Friday, August 29, 2008

Gluten Free Friday Week 11

I know I've been distant here in blog land (I'm actually a little afraid to open my google reader)... we have lots going on. Currently without a kitchen sink. Started our homeschool year. Husband starts his new job soon. And just the general, 5 kids ages 6 and under bit. Whew!

This past week we found two glorious things. Our local grocers sells gluten free ice cream cones. And, we ordered gluten free pizza from a restaurant that was delicious. I'm so excited to have that available to us! The restaurant also sells just the crust you can buy and freeze and gluten free bread. Again, I emphasize to find your local celiac support group for whatever information they have on local places around you. You might find a Pizzeria!

Also.. my husband thought he would be nice (poor guy) and pick up some brown rice bread from the store, knowing that I hadn't made any and might like some. Um... don't. buy. it. It tastes like sand. You just don't even want to attempt to give it a try. Take my word on it. Please.


Gluten Free Blog of the week: Gluten Freeda

This is not so much a blog as much as a resourceful website. Lots and lots of recipes to search through - in which I especially like how they rank how difficult it is to cook :-). They have a neat little section called What Gluten-Free Kids Like.


With the kitchen sink out, cooking is down to mostly grilling. So, few new recipes we tried this week. But I did create this one that was amazing!!


Jenn said...

Wow- you have a lot going on. Its amazing how important a kitchen sink is isn't it? Hope you can get that fixed soon.

Mrs. Querido said...

Sorry to hear about your kitchen sink...that must make mealtime very creative!

Glad you could find some favorite foods that are GF :)

Have a blessed weekend!

Jane said...

Hey Katie Pie (wow, I never call you that, it just came out.)

Anyway, I was thinking about you yesterday, I didn't have any bread, but desperately wanted tuna... I made a lettuce wrap with it instead. "Wouldn't Katie be proud of me" I thought. :-)

Miss you!