Saturday, June 28, 2008

What's in a name

My sister watched the 4 big kids today, so I could run to a 30th birthday celebration for my friend "C." As I was running around grabbing the last few things for me and the baby, I snatched my sunglasses and hat.

I stopped to reflect upon my choices. I had some cute jeans on, wedge sandals, with a red top that had a few sparkley strands woven through. I had done my hair and even makeup considering this was a celebration of one of my nearest and dearest friends on earth. I had the jewelry to match. And my trusty large sunglasses and my hat was my favorite oversized, floppy straw sunhat.

I realized that when I walked in people might think I was someone's crazy aunt. Although I suppose I am one little guy's crazy aunt, but he wasn't there. I looked at my sister and said "My name should be Maude that just seems to go with the look. Like someone would say "Oh her? That's just Aunt Maude.""

Katie doesn't really seem to ring "big sunglasses, the bigger the better and a love of floppy hats"

But Maude does.

So I decided the hat would stay, but the sunglasses came of course.

Do you think your name suits you? What name would you choose if you could?


Eliza Ray said...

Beatrice/Beatrix or Antonia.

Although Eliza works, I suppose.

Eliza Ray said...

Ooh Ooh or maybe something like Lola. Although I don't think I'm happy go lucky enough to be a Lola.

Amy said...

That's funny - I remember looking at myself in the mirror as a girl thinking "Am I really an Amy?" I am! Though I was determined to give my kids names with more than one syllable. . . =)

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, that's a good one! I don't like my name all that much, but I have no idea what would suit me better. I'm pretty sure this is going to keep me up all night, now!

Jenna Consolo said...

Fun post! I actually really like my name. Lucky for me!