Friday, June 27, 2008


Today :

~ I woke up from an odd dream. In my dream, I opened my dresser drawer where I keep t-shirts and it was overflowing with all these shirts I had never seen before. I was wondering how I got so many clothes. Then when I woke up I decided it must have had something to do with my public topless experience yesterday. My subconscious is trying to help me out.

~ I bought Maple Syrup from a local farm. I've been wanting to get in the habit of buying local, and it's been hard because I love the "one stop shopping" concept. So I made a point today to do so. I had found through Local Harvest that there was also a farm in the next town over that sells grass fed beef! The enormous plus, was that I don't have to buy an entire cow from them. I can buy meat by the pound. I've been a weekly meal planner, but I may test my hand now at monthly plans (yikes, that's a big increase!) so I can make a monthly meat purchase from them.

~ My husband interviewed for a job out of state. This is enormous. I've lived in one state my whole life. Born and raised. This job would be a great step up for him. It also seems like the move would be great for our family all around, even if scary. I actually had been hoping to move near some other friends and then this place where we know no one has come up. I guess we'll just wait and see what the Lord has for us.

~ At my mother's house, my oldest decided that because there was a spider in the bathroom, it was a better idea to pee on the laundry room floor. This one really baffled me.

~ My kids were excellent at the grocery store. I was so blessed. We left after doing a good amount of shopping without me feeling the slightest bit stressed out. This is such a feat with the 5 of them.

~ I was reminded in a brief bit of quiet time that all the miscellaneous things (like what's listed above), the big and the little, my thoughts, feelings, hopes, and cares... they are all important to Him. My life isn't just some sort of chronological record, but it's exciting, thrilling, and fun for the Lord to know me. I am significant to Him. Isn't that awe inspiring?


ryleeandnoahsmom said...

Wait a minute! We are just starting to get to know eachother and you might be moving away?! No fair! Looking forward to getting together soon!
Jen: )

Rissa said...

I have to tell ya - this was a post full of fun and interesting tidbits, and I liked it! :)

The beef sounds great! And y'know...if anyone can plan meals by the's you, sister!

Erin said...

I LOVE natural, real maple syrup! It just doesn't compare to that fake stuff they sell at the grocery store! Yum!