Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday M.o.M. Review : In the Kitchen

Some of you may know that last fall I signed up as a consultant for The Pampered Chef. I worked pretty hard at it in the first few months, mainly because there was a promotion to earn free cookware! In total, I earned I think almost $900 worth of free kitchen products. Not a bad deal.

I thought today, I would share with you some all time kitchen "must haves" in my opinion! Because everyone needs life a little easier, why not easier in the kitchen?

The can strainer. This is $4.00 and totally worth it. I used to push the lid into the can while draining to prevent the contents from spilling out, until someone suggested to me the who-knows-what-grime that's on the outside of the can coming in contact with the food. You can also invert the strainer the opposite way shown in the picture to use to drain cans of tuna.

The smooth edge can opener. This one has relieved me. I don't like to admit it, but toddlers are experimental with the garbage can. Sometimes... there are curious things in the trash, like opened cans. I like not having to worry about kids (or myself!) cutting themselves on the edge of an open can.

The Garlic Press. This garlic press is truly the best. I had gone through 3 others before I got this one, and I'll never get another kind again! It's awesome. Did you know that pressing the garlic releases the oils as opposed to mincing the garlic? You'll get better flavor when you press it. Plus, this comes with a handy dandy cleaning tool for quick washing up. (we use LOTS of garlic in this house)

The Food Chopper. I know someone who uses her food chopper several times a day. I'm not quite that faithful to my food chopper and occasionally chop the old fashioned way. But this one is GREAT when you have lots of prep to do. Talk about shortening your time down. Not to mention my favorite use for the food chopper is when doing any cooking with the kids. It's a totally safe way for them to participate in cooking and I don't worry about them getting hurt.

Last, but certainly not least - the biggest time saving investment for my kitchen of all time - the Executive Cookware. I know, it's pricey but I literally spend 2 minutes or LESS washing these things. I absolutely detest scrubbing pots and pans for an hour after dinner. The real test was one night when I thought I washed all the dishes, but forgot the pot on the stove which had leftover sauce, pasta and meatballs. The next morning it was crusted on. I took a paper towel, wiped almost all of it off, a quick rinse took care of the leftovers - then just swished a soapy sponge around and it was done. In 2 minutes! You can always earn it for free, if you need good pots and pans - these are the ones!

So there you have it. My absolute favorite kitchen items that make cooking fun and easy!

What is your favorite kitchen tool?


Amy said...

Hi Katie - I have some of those items and like them lots, but I have to say my favorite is my Cutco chef's knife. I don't mind chopping anything with it! Great post :)

Jenn said...

Some of my favorite items are my canning/freezing equipment. I put up a lot of our garden produce this time of year. Its a lot of work but definitely worth it come winter.

Sarah O said...

I LOVE my smooth edge can opener too! It works great and it is so wonderful not to have to worry about sharp edges. I also really enjoy using my melon baller/strawberry huller which also came from Pampered Chef. It works great and is fun and easy to use and makes things go faster.
My third thing that is an absolute must have, in my opinion, is an instant hot water tap. Tea in just seconds. But, if you don't drink tea, a single serve coffee maker would probably work too. It only takes a few seconds to make a cup of coffee. Ahh.

Jenna said...

The mini serving spatula is my favorite. It is the perfect size and I couldn't live without it.

Oh, and the quick stir pitcher. Used mine this morning for juice.