Thursday, June 26, 2008

And so it happened

What's pretty much the WORST nightmare that we share? I mean, we all have some doozies of dreams, but generally there's a common one that at some point or another everyone has : being somewhere, in public - without clothing.

This afternoon I needed to run a few errands. I didn't have time to do the big shopping that I'll be doing on Friday or Saturday, total waste my trip/gas, but there were some things that just couldn't wait.

Seeing as how I didn't want to cram everything I needed on the weekend shopping trip, I decided to check a local thrift store for a dress I need for early next week. Sister came along.

So, I pick out 2 things to try on... the 3 big kids are with sister, and 2 littles are with me. Of course, the changing room sign says "NO CARTS PLEASE" I unload children and things, and Liam is pleasantly sitting on the floor next to Shiloh in the changing room. In the time it takes me to take my shirt off, Liam has jumped up, figured out how to unlock the door, flings it wide open, and makes a break for it. I go to leap after him.. remembering afterwards, I'm just in my bra and jeans.

And believe me, I'm no Abercrombie model.

Do I chase my 22 month old shirtless? What is a woman to do?

Well, I jumped back, grabbed a garment, wrapped it around me and stuck my head back out shouting "Liam, come here!" He stood about.. oh... 20 feet away smiling, pointing at a rack "yook mommy! Pretty!" (yook = look)

So I darted back into the room, threw my shirt on and ran to get him.

There you have it. I experienced one of everyone's worst nightmares and lived to tell about it. You don't actually melt into a puddle, or run around for hours unable to find clothes.

Someday, I plan to embarrass him badly as a teenager and the score will be even.


Carole said...

Well, today I was out by myself and I almost put my sneakers back on before putting my pants on in the dressing room. Wouldn't that have been embarrassing?! Can we say sleep deprivation?

Amy said...

Sorry - but I am laughing so hard! You poor dear - I'm so glad that you have survived =)

jackie said...

Katie, you make me smile. That is hilarious!!

Jenn said...

Oh wow! HMMM! What a dilemma! Children certainly keep us on our toes!

Andrea said...

Too funny!! I think there are probably a lot of mommies out there who can relate - I've had the curtain flung open on more than one occassion!

Rissa said...

Ahh! Amazing! I love it! Good story :)

Believe it or not, though, I've never had the "no-clothing" dream. I don't know why. Maybe I'm flawed in some way because seriously, EVERYONE has that dream. Hmm.


Carpenters said...

Who made that no carts in the changing room when you have little ones rule anyway? I've had to grab our little one from crawling under the door and did so just in time. He wasn't happy that his escape was twarted and let the whole store know. Thanks for sharing.

With Love,

Katie said...

I agree with you, Penelope! Bad rule!

Jenna said...

It's a good thing your Liam stayed put so you could throw a shirt on. Otherwise, as a mother, you would have been compelled to run shirtless throughout the store after him.

That is pretty much the worst thing I can imagine happening. Good to know the world didn't explode and what a story to tell...

Jenna said...

PS I'm a major rule breaker when it comes to the no stroller/no cart rules. Dumb rules, anyway.

Crayl said...

That is a true toddler experience. :)

Christie O. said...

oh no! well at least you did have a bra on, does that count?
oh, i have a nakey story. one of my best friends had a tube top on underneath her blouse and she didn't realize the tube top had slipped down and exposed her nippy -- TO OUR BOSS!
we still call her nip.

Mrs. Querido said...


That truly had to be humiliating...but it made for one funny post to read!

And that is why I refuse to go clothes shopping with my boys.

I love the part about NOT being an Abercrombie and Fitch can sooo relate!

My youngest son probably would have made a dash for it and I would have had to chase him shirtless throughout the store! Not a pretty thought! lol

Thanks for the giggle at your expense :)