Friday, June 13, 2008

Printer, anyone?

So I'm excitedly telling my friend Carolyn about how I'm a totally entrenched, official homeschooling mom now that I have an all-in-one printer/copier/scanner and especially how I got a deal on it. As I'm going over it's way cool features, she laughingly says "You're not an official homeschooling mom, you're officially a yuppie homeschooling mom!"

Huh-what? Yuppie? Here I am thinking of all the time and such this thing will save me. I guess that the real deal homeschool mom's are thrifty and salvage refurbished copiers, repair them off of freecycle or something. Don't worry. It's all in jest and was not at all one of those backhanded complement/insult things. Carolyn and I are close and can take the liberty of calling each other yuppie or something. Although thinking back on it.. I have never called her a name ;-) ( know I love you, C!)

Anyhow... I went to go list our old printer for sale in some local classifieds and then thought, perhaps I could be a benevolent yuppie homeschooling mom and sell it to another homeschooling mom for a lower price knowing that it would help another family out.

It's an HP Deskjet 5850 in awesome shape. The only reason we are getting rid of it is because we won't use it since it does not also make copies. It prints GREAT quality pictures and the two best features that sold me on it were : 1) wireless compatible 2) FAST printing!

Also with this printer I will be tossing in 2 new ink cartridges, since they don't work with the yuppie copier. :-)

The new HP recommended version of this printer is $109.99. On e-bay this printer is going for $50-70. If you want it for something in that range, I would appreciate that and it's yours. If you really need a new printer, and you homeschool, but $50-70 is too steep you may make an offer for less. I appreciate honesty, so if you can only honestly afford to offer $x.xx but you really need it - that's OK.

Let me know if you're interested!

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