Saturday, June 14, 2008

On the farm

This afternoon the kids and I spent time at my parents' farm. I love it there. It's so peaceful it's surrealistic, as I walk about I literally feel closer to God through His creation. I swear that although we don't life far from the farm, the colors of grass, sky, trees, earth, and water are brighter and richer there. You may scoff, but you have not been to the farm.

This time of year is the best, in my opinion; new flowers blooming, leaves growing, lambs, kids, crias, chicks.

My kids had fun with these kids for a long time today.

Giovanna happened to be bottle feeding the smallest, who took longer. Isaac and Nora said "Hey let's go see the chickens!" Giovanna replied "Hang on, I'm not done nursing the goat yet!" Can you tell there's a baby in our house? :-)

Do you have a favorite place to go, where you feel more connected to God through His creation?


Jenn said...

What fun! We have a small rabbit farm 8 adult rabbits and 21 babies right now. Hopefully we will be adding some guinies and chickens soon. We will be cutting hay soon too. I always feel such peace outside in our little farm

Erin said...

What a fun time at the farm!

I feel close to God when I'm near the ocean. I love everything about it, the wind, the smell, the warmth from the sun. It is a peaceful place for me and I feel His love in that beautiful place.

Jane said...

Katie, what beautiful Pictures! I love those kids! (Your kids, not the goats...) :-)

I LOVE walking down by the creek behind mom and dads house, sitting on the rock pile under the oak, finding a big rock to sit on and dip my toes in the running water. I think growing up in a house filled with home schoolers and sharing a room with 2 sisters made the creek my only sanctuary, when I needed to shout to God, or just have enough quiet to listen to what He has to speak to me, I retreated to 1 of 3 or 4 special spots along the creek. Lovely, I even enjoy going there in my mind when I can't actually get there. Thanks for bringing that back to my mind with your question.