Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cards + Contest

In the last week I've had a number of readers comment for the first time. I personally have been trying to do this more on the blogs that I read, to let them know they really encourage, challenge, teach, entertain me... whatever the case may be. So I am especially appreciating the comments lately, thank you!!

Of course now I feel this intense pressure to preform! What if I lose your interest? What if you learn what a geek I really am?? What if you don't like me? aaaaahhhhh! :-) Of course, I suppose that's silly because everyone's been reading right along whether I know it or not. In any case, I've really become quite attached to the blogosphere, friends I've made, and the new ones I'm making. I really am glad for those of you who have let me know you're here and reading! I'm glad to have new like minded blogs to visit as well. Give me a few days to get back to replying to you all.. I have an intense few days coming up that I'm sure I'll write more on early next week.

So, Mommy Cards. The response was unanimous. Which clearly means - I need to order them for scientific purposes. For the good of the whole group, I will make the sacrifice..... at least, I think that's a good pitch to give my husband "It's for my bloooooog honey, I need to get them to help people" :-) I am smooth like that.

So thanks to some fantastic feedback here is what I have so far for your consideration on Mommy Cards :

~ Jenn has been crafty (and frugal) and made her own! I know. She should get a prize for that. She used Microsoft Home Publisher, if you should also have access to that. I hope she posts a picture up on her blog so we can all appreciate her work (no pressure!).

~ Jenna reminded me of Vista Print where you can get cards for free for the price of shipping. I'm personally hoping my husband skips reading this part because I don't want to get vista print. I know, you're thinking "Why? Free, Katie!" I know.. but it has their logo on the back! If I'm going to have advertising on the back of my card I want it to say something like "Seriously, check out my blog." Really though, they do have some cute template designs to choose from and I will admit - it's hard to beat free.

~ Dave mentioned that he's worked with where you can also design your own cards, and order 100 for $6.99 - not too shabby! I browsed around and they have some really cool designs to choose from! For that price I could get several different fun ones.

~ Jackie found some that I like to refer to as The cards. They're pricier but the shop is run by a WAHM. She also sends you a proof.

Speaking of etsy... there are lots and lots to choose from. It's going to take me a while to sort through. These are a little to "rich for my blood" but I wonder if they could fit enough little birds for all my little birds ;-)

Since I have a lot going on in the next few days I'm thinking this.

Contest. Yes. I'm now your favorite. :-)

Open for 1 week. Leave me your Mommy Calling Card suggestions. They can be from Etsy, from someone's blog or website. You may leave as many comments on this post as you'd like, with your card suggestions. If I pick your suggestion, you win a package of the same calling cards for yourself! On me!

There is no limit to the number of suggestions you may leave. Just leave them all on this post. It will be too confusing if you leave suggestions on you know.. posts of recipes or something. Feel free to spread the word about this contest, in the name of science you know.

So... surprise me!


brietta said...

After a quick browse of the internet, these are the ones I would buy (or else I would design my own-- or get a friend to do so ;). I don't know if they don't count as my vote, though, since they're made by the same designer as Jackie's suggestion!

brietta said...

Oops. For whatever reason, my link still pulls up the brown, blue and pink combo. I would definitely go with the green and brown, just for the record. :)

Carole said...

I've used gotprint several times. You can upload your own design via jpg or pdf and it turns out pretty nice. The cards have a slightly laminated feel - very professional and "heavy duty."

If I link to your contest will you enter me? :) At the moment I don't have any card suggestions, but I'll get working on that.

Jenn said...

Okay Katie! You talked me into it! I will try to post my creation! And hey just to let you know- no pressure- just keep doing what you are doing. All your friends out here love you for who you are.

Kristy said...

Now you have me wanting Mommy Cards, too!!

I think I would recommend Vista Print- I've used them several times to print business cards & other items for my website and they always turn out excellent! If you have a good office program or even a photo editing program, you can design your own card instead of using one of their templates. Oh, and the cards I ordered didn't have Vista Print's logo on the back.

I'll try to get a Mommy Card designed this weekend and send you a link- sounds like fun!!

~Kristy @ Homemaker's Cottage

Smilingsal said...

Let's take this a step further and make a Grandma card--for people like me!

Back in the "olden days," when I was at home with my children, I referred to myself as:

; )

jackie said...

I don't know how to turn that into a link but there it is.

Love them. This is such a cute idea!

David said...

I'm not sure if my gotprint suggestion counts as a contest entry, but I could also suggest submitting your own design for $2 more. I would be willing to create a custom design for you if you like. It might be fun to add a personal photo, or not be limited on the information you want to put on it.

Oh, and I'm doing this on behalf of my wife who is a full time mom of two (soon to be three!)

Concept 1
Concept 2
Concept 3


Carole said...

Look at what I found (of course, NOT a calling card!) on Etsy! How very very cute!

As for calling cards, these:
are VERY nice.

So are these:

I hope the links work.
Sorry if they don't. I don't know how to embed them into the comment section here.

:) Carole

Em said...

Hey Katie, thanks for the comment back! I agree, it's always great to meet fellow bloggers :)

I did a google search for mommy cards and I really liked these ones:

They let you put pictures of your kids on them, but I think they may be a little pricier.

I think the whole concept is just SO cute! when I'm a mommy I'm definitely going to be ordering some :)

Rissa said...

Oh boy....I found some GREAT ones...

I love these - - the top three are amazingly and ridiculously wonderful but I couldn't possibly say which was my favorite out of them all :)

I'm not sure of the price on these but I love the bird -

I'm also in love with every single one of these - but I especially love the ones titled "Maureen" and "Marla Paisley" -

Oh goodness....this has made me so, so excited. Wow. Who knew?! ;)

Amy said...

I just saw your post. I own so of course I'm a little biased :)

We have a 20% coupon thru end of July code is Summer20.

Good luck with your decision.