Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Answers about Flats

My last post has generated a few questions along with lots of requests for a picture tutorial. The tutorial will be coming later tonight or tomorrow, sit tight!

If you are thinking of trying some flats out, I unfortunately don't know where mine came from since I got them used. But I do have flats listed for a great price ($10.29 per dozen!) in my Amazon.com store!

For starters.. here are my replies to some of your comments:

- I'm always looking for ways to extend my collection - especially easy, leak-free, cost efficient, environmentally-friendly ways!

Flats are easy, cost efficient and environmentally-friendly! However I wouldn't be honest if I said they are not leak free. But I have not found a single diaper that has lived up to a "leak free" title. You name it; fuzzi bunz, bumGenius, Mommy's Touch, Baby Beehinds (yes, my favorite!), prefolds, Little Beetle, and more have all had a leaking problem here or there. Every so often there is something that the best diaper on the planet can't contain. However I have found that a flat diaper with a thirsties cover at least contains all the mess INSIDE the cover! Thanks to those leg gussets with Thirsties. So how can you beat that? And, they are a very very very inexpensive way to extend your stash. Plus, let your little one run around in a t-shirt, their flat diaper, and knit legwarmers. Don't have those? I know someone who could make them ;-) Just send me an e-mail!

- What is a Kissaluvs Super Booster doubler?! And when you say flat do you mean the really big thin pieces of cloth?

This is a Kissaluvs Super Booster doubler. They have their daytime doublers and then the Super Booster doublers. The Super Booster doublers do the trick for Liam, they really are awesome. Plus you get the great benefit of those absorbent fuzzy Kissaluv diapers at not even CLOSE to the price. A fitted Kissaluv is not enough for Liam by itself. He needs the doubler added to it. So if he needs something added to it anyway... a flat plus the doubler is about $4 together... that's a LOT less than the price of $14.50 for the Kissaluv fitted diaper plus the doubler.

By flat, yes I do mean a large thin square of cloth.. somewhere between 27-36 inches that you fold up to fit on the baby. Often white and gauze-y looking.

- I know you can use snappis and I'm not against that. However, I don't like the idea of those little plastic covers my mom used to use. The wool covers I felt I didn't like the feel of either.

Yes, you can use snappis.. they're great. On Shiloh, since she's not crawling or walking I don't use either. I just tie the diaper on! I do not like the plastic covers either, not to mention they do not last long at all. Use a Thirstie's cover! As far as wool goes, you can beat making your own from an old wool sweater (you know how it feels ahead of time!), buying snuggly soft wool and knitting - or getting a Little Beetle Wool cover. This wool is so soft they use the same type for their breast pads. I use the breast pads and believe me - they're soft!

Shiloh with her flat tied on.

If there is something I've missed, please leave a comment and I'd be happy to answer!

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Amy Giove said...

Thanks for the tutorial! And especially for answering to my concerns I had with the flats. =)