Thursday, January 31, 2008


I am a good cook. It's something I am confident enough to say, I really do make delicious food if I say so myself.

I am not a good presenter of food. While my food tastes delicious I have not mastered the art of presentation, it can look a little scary at times... not to mention, so can I by the time I'm done cooking (I get a little carried away and often messy).

That fact makes birthday cakes a little difficult. I have tried to make creative fun cakes so many times in the past.... which have often looked downright frightening.

But THIS year.... I overcame my downfall of ugly cakes. Isaac asked me if I could make him a pirate cake for his birthday. I said "You bet, buddy. Anything you want." Jake raised an eyebrow and said "wow.. how are you going to do that, Mommy?" I shot him a look and said "GOOGLE!"

So I looked for several cakes and finally found one that I based my creation off of, that ends up looking cool with very little work - which means very few ways I can screw it up. :-)

I took a lot of pictures from many angles to relish my piece of art after it was savored by everyone tonight :-)

And I must share... since I am so proud of myself. After many, many, many failed attempts..... SUCCESS!!!

I was rewarded by the birthday boy telling me that it was the coolest cake ever!

Never give up!


danica said...

Aww -- you must have wanted to cry when he said that! How precious!

And it IS an awfully fun birthday cake/display. Any little boy would love it.

...but I confess to looking past your cake in order to catch every glimpse I could of your house. I love to see where people live! :)

Darlene Sinclair said...

It is true - one of the coolest cakes ever! What little boy's eyes wouldn't light up? Good work, Mama!

Missy said...

you did a great job! i don't think i would of wanted anyone to eat it :)


brietta said...

Awesome! (I, too, stink with cakes...)