Friday, February 1, 2008

Blankets for Ethiopian Babies

I've been reading Renee's blog for a while now. I don't know her personally, I've never even left a comment there! But I have been praying for their family regularly, especially over Christmas and new years as they adopted the newest 2 members of their family. The have both biological and adopted children that add up to a family of 11 kids - which is where Jacob and I see ourselves in the future, with a large brood :-) given to us by God through both natural birth and adoptive birth into our family, which is why I enjoy reading her blog and seeing God's guidance and provision for them.

Anyway, today on her blog I read about a special project to bless Ethiopian mother's with blankets for their babies. When Ethiopian mothers birth at hospitals they leave without so much as a blanket for their new baby. I can't imagine... my big decisions for the day are deciding what clothes to put on my children out of the very many they have and if I want to cook for dinner what I planned on.

Please, please, please read about this special fund raiser that is going on today.. see if you can find it in your heart to donate just $5.00 to bless an impoverished mother with a blanket to start out caring for her new baby.

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Missy said...

what a awesome idea! i have an adopted son from haiti. i'm going to head over to owl haven to donate :)