Tuesday, November 27, 2007

With half the trimmings?

On Sunday after church we bundled everyone up and made our annual trip out to Stokoe's Christmas Tree Farm.

It was a lot of fun. My parents and 2 siblings also went at the same time to hunt their Christmas tree. The kids had a great time, as usual and the weather was perfect! I have to admit, having 4 other adults to help keep a watchful eye was wonderful - more adults than kids for once, we had the advantage!

Isaac was thrilled to help in cutting down 2 Christmas trees! One with his Papa and one with his Daddy.

The girls loved running around shouting "I like this tree! I like this tree!"

And Liam was just content to stay in his aunt's arms for the first half of the trip (then cue "hey I'm not shy anymore and want to run around everywhere by myself!")

The wagon ride was a highlight for them, as well as hay mountain thing and the free cocoa and cookies (yay! that way we don't have to be the bad guys by not buying overpriced snacks while already buying a pricey tree!)

The kids were mesmerized watching the "hen house" and were sad to say goodbye to the reindeer when we said it was time to go.

It was big excitement to come home and rearrange the furniture so we could put our tree in the favorite spot (in front of our living room window to sparkle for all to see!) and I actually really like how we have it set up this year. I think it may stay this way after Christmas!

Jake let the 3 older kids hang some of the decorations last night while I did a Pampered Chef party. They were all on the lower half of the tree - which promptly were moved to the upper half of the tree this morning when Liam discovered the pretty, tempting decorations.

We received our first Christmas card in the mail today! :-O Someone is well organized!!!

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