Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Countdown

So four weeks from today little baby #5 is due! 2 days before Christmas, eesh! It's a busy time to have a baby and I have quite a list.

~ (more of a Jake to do item) we need to move the dresser out of the "girls" room and hopefully sell it
~ (this one is for Jake, too) set up crib in the "girls" room
~ buy 2 more Christmas gifts for relatives
~ get birthday cards for 3 sisters
~ get birthday cards for Giovanna
~ finish sewing Dad's Christmas gift
~ 1 more gift for each of the kids
~ catch up stay on top of laundry to not get behind (is that ever going to be possible?)
~ Pack an overnight bag for the 4 kids
~ Pack my own hospital bag!
~ Try to find where in the world I packed away my nursing pads
~ make and freeze some breakfast casseroles
~ make 3 more dinners & freeze
~ Completely just remembered getting baby clothes (and snow suit) out to see what we have or need! Ack!!
~ Get the baby car seat out, cleaned and ready
~ Isaac needs new snow boots

edited to cross of completed items and add :
~ buy newborn cloth diapers for baby
~ have extra box of Liam's diapers on hand
~ order Giovanna's birthday present
~ mail Christmas cards!
~ finish knitting longies for baby

Hmmm... I wonder how many things I'll think of tomorrow to add to this list! Yikes!


Darlene Sinclair said...

I haven't lost track of your e-mail and fully intend to respond. It has just not been quiet and slow enough around here to do so! Soon there will be a lull and I will get to it - promise!!

Tara said...

sounds like quite a list!

"buy newborn cloth diapers for baby" that's a fun one! I'll email you later to let you know what we've tried and liked.