Thursday, November 22, 2007


There's so much I'm thankful for, I have to stop to realize how blessed I am. That there's a long, long list... I have more than most to be thankful for, how amazing!

I'm thankful for my husband, of six years next week! Jake's a hard, hard, hard worker - always providing for our family so that we can live well and comfortably. I'm thankful for what a source of strength he is for me and for the amazing father he is to our children.

On that note, I'm so thankful for each of my children. They have brought joy to my life I would have never known. They've forced me to become selfless and giving when I'm stretched to do so, and thus have helped me to become a better person because of it. They've taught me about life and love, about hope and expectation, believing for the best, and how to become a better communicator!

I'm thankful that I was born in the good old US of A. Even though we all have our complaints here and there about the state of the country, we've been given a heck of a headstart at a good successful shot at life that those without food, clean water, education, or health care have. I have a good home that we're filling to the brim with children, that's safe and warm on this very chilly, snowy November evening.

I have great parents and siblings, parents-and-siblings-in-law, all who love my children dearly and are close to home.

Thanks to a good friend who introduced me to Melaleuca vitamins I've been feeling the BEST I have felt in years this past year - I cannot tell you what an amazing difference that is for me.

To have love, family, home, and health? How could someone ask for more? Oh but there is more because God is SO good. I have wonderful, wonderful friends. I am thankful for you all. For those of you that I've known for years I'm so thankful that through the thick and thin we're still here together :-) and for those I've just been getting to know, I am so inspired and encouraged by each one of you. I'm blessed to count so many people as my friends. Thank you all and I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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brietta said...

Katie-- It's great to *meet* you! My mom and Danica have both talked about you and how much you love motherhood. It's very neat to find people who share my passion!

Thanks so much for praying for Aubrey. I can't even tell you how much strength and confidence I gain whenever I hear about yet another person who is praying for her! Sometimes I feel that my faith is so weak, and so there is encouragement in knowing others are standing with me.

How old are your kids? I love the picture of the 4 of them that you have up!