Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Part 2

My dad mentioned something in reference to my last blog. I completely agree with him, that for some children adoption is not possible. This is true, sometimes they're at an unadoptable age where by the time the process is rolling it is too late. For some children who are older, being taken out of their culture is too difficult. For some orphans, their countries will not allow them to be adopted (currently you cannot adopt from Iraq, and I know there must be plenty of others).

I know that from countless articles I've read, most children are desiring of a home. While this is heart wrenching for many families who adoption is not financially an option, what of sponsoring a child? That can change their life as dramatically. Providing food, material needs, clean water(!!!), and education can set a child on a path to breaking that cycle of poverty. Most child sponsorship programs are around $30.00 a month.

While God is always so faithful to us, and our needs are abundantly met, we are very resourceful with what we have and do not have an overabundance of extra. However we have been praying about how to be more resourceful with what we have. To give of what we aren't using and really don't need. And while someday adoption is in the future of our family, we are looking to see how God can show us to begin to give now to our community for the local hungry and homeless, and praying about the Lord providing that we might be able to begin sponsoring a child overseas also.

Adoption is not the "end all" answer for all situations, there are many ways to give otherwise - but there is a great many children in need of homes, that much is also true.

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