Thursday, September 30, 2010


I have so many thoughts that run through my head that strike me as "That would make a great book title" or "That'd be an awesome chapter" Sometimes I wonder if the crazy things I say and/or do should be documented. I try with my blog.. but, well you know me, blog friends. Sometimes I let a month or so slip by (yeah, saw when my last post was. Sorry about that. I really had blogged many times in my head that never made it to an actual post. Funny how that actually works.)

Here's some of the potential things I need to expound on/write my book about my crazy life as a mom to 6 :

*"Your Shopping Cart Looks Like a Pack 'N Play" & more of my favorite received comments

*What To Know About Wearing a Corset To Make You Skinnier - Not admitting I've worn one, just things you need to bear in mind. You know. In case you come across a situation where you would. Not that you wear them either.

*"We're throwing spaghetti?" And other things I did NOT say.

*Alarm Clocks Only Work When You Set Them

*Why is There Applesauce in My Drawer?

*That's Not My Job.


Erin said...

I would definitely read that book!

Learning Lifes Curves said...

yes a book must me writen :)