Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Back to School

The preparations were numerous. The excitement level was astonishing. New shoes were anxiously put on while outfits were accessorized. My son had to be reminded that no baseball caps were allowed, the summer break made him forget the cap can no longer be a part of regular attire. The girls brushed their hair until it shone, then picture perfect pony tails were put in place finished with hair accessories - Nora's a curly pink ribbon. An hour turned out to be the perfect amount of time to get us all together and out the door, but the anticipation may have had a role to play in that. We may need to plan on more than an hour once the year progresses and the fervor dies down.

It took one complete hour after everyone was home from school to sort through all the various pieces of paperwork that came home and an additional 30 minutes to complete papers and prepare backpacks for the following day. There wasn't even any homework involved! Four backpacks is a lot to go through, I can't imagine when I'll have to be organizing six!

Isaac has a real agenda this year, he is quite proud of how grown up he is now. He isn't in the purple hallway at school anymore either! That's where the rest of his siblings are. It's going to take a while for me to get used to this!

I can smell dinner announcing it's completion cooking from the crock pot in the kitchen. Even though there was not any football/cheerleading practice in lieu of the first day of school we continued on with our crock pot meals anyway.

How did I do this last year while working full time???


Tara said...

I'm exhausted just reading that. Seriously.

Oh, and last year you were able to do it because you only had five kids. (insert huge wink)

Kate said...

Hahaha!! Somehow I missed this comment before. So amused me :-D