Monday, August 30, 2010

Seaweed Soup for Football Families

The time consumed with football practices encouraged me to pursue the use of my crock pot everyday and has proved to be exceptionally beneficial with the perk of providing us with some healthy, filling meals in the hotter weather we've had lately that would typically preclude me from heating up the kitchen as I cook.

Tonight's dinner started out as an inspiration from a favorite cookbook, in which case the creative cooking forces hit me just right and my kitchen took on the recipe with a new twist. Check it out! This zesty soup will knock your socks off, delicious as a side dish or main entree.

Football has apparently transformed from a sport that Isaac played and Giovanna cheered for last year, into part of the family way of life. The afternoons at home have been spent with Isaac and Liam tossing the "pigskin," as Isaac has started referring to it as, while Giovanna, Nora, and Shiloh emphatically shout the team's cheers. All three girls practice them together, with Giovanna taking on the role of coach.

Apparently, our team is one of the smallest in our league. Isaac is a very tall kid for his age but some of these kids, while granted they may be a year older than him, are head and shoulders taller than him. Not to mention many times larger. I have no idea how to help this kid bulk up! Any suggestions?

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