Thursday, July 22, 2010


Sleep has become a rare thing around here. Brynn is 4 1/2 months old. We had a night routine before.... nursing once or twice in the middle of the night. In the last week or so night time feedings have become like day time ones - around the clock. Up every 1 1/2 - 2 hours. I know that requesting some assistance from someone with bottle feeding will probably work out against me, since I'm sure he's most likely on a growth spurt and using the increased nighttime feedings to boost my supply.

I'm. Still. Tired.

I want to quit.

But I won't.. because I know we'll turn a corner here soon.

That being said, the littles will have a week long vacation with their dad soon. I will use that time to sleep whenever Brynn sleeps. Day and night. Just like you do with your first baby.. can any of you sleep deprived moms remember back that far? Yes. I am excited for naps. What has my world turned in to? :-)

In my tired stupor, I'm trying to glean some more information on healthy but quick, easy meals. It's so hard with being on the run. I'm thinking of trying out roasting chickpeas finally for a healthy snack. I've been wanting to do that for quite some time now. And considering just having salads for dinners on sports nights. I could make those up in the afternoon so they're ready to go. Plus we could have all sorts of different types and I could get really fancy and try a dressing I want to make.

Well.. time to run off to soccer!


Learning Lifes Curves said...

yay for 'daddy' taking the kids for a week. If you need a couple hours of kid free time I'll take Brynn! You could sleep or get your french press or your nails done and I can have little chunky baby time :D

Kate said...

woo hoo! you're on! How about tuesday 8/10 at 10? I made a nail appt for that day %-)

俊成俊成 said...
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