Thursday, February 19, 2009

Great, Greater, Greatest?

There are lots of great things in life. But I feel like we rank great things into categories.

First of all, there's the Obvious Great that we always feel guilty if we don't remember to mention first. That would be things like God, His creation, miracles, chocolate, etc.

Then next I'd say comes the Thankful Great. This is where we remember the things that are also great we need to be thankful for. Such as three meals a day, clean water, Internet, warm and dry places to live, medical care, chocolate, etc.

Then there is the Indulgence Great. These are the things that we relish in, that we really want to say "Is there ANYTHING greater than ________" but we remember to reference it so as not to insult the Obvious Great and the Thankful Great things. These are things like lying on a beach in the carribean, chocolate, long nights of laughter with friends, facials, snorkeling, jumping down waterfalls, etc.

I got thinking about the different levels of great because I initially was going to start my blog with "Is there anything greater than having an amazing hairdresser who is also your sister??" And certainly, the Obvious Great is greater. But... now you know what I mean.

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casey said...

Do you realize that each of your greats had chocolate in them?? I know you did...but man that made me smile!