Sunday, January 11, 2009

Potty Training... or maybe it's Mommy Training

So Liam is 2 years, 5 months, and five days old. Potty training successes so far since my last post on the subject? None.

This kid perplexes me. His communication for his age is rather good. Which continues to emphasize to me that he is capable. I know boys statistically train later than girls... but man, I tell you I'm out of ideas! The things that worked for the other kids do not appeal to him.

First recommendation in all the potty training literature? Buy a potty seat. Right. Except, Liam will tell you those are for babies. Which he is not. He will sit on the big potty and the big potty only. Understandable since all his big siblings use the big potty.

Only.... he's never used it. He tells me he prefers his diaper. Hm.

Second major suggestion is to pick out character underpants. This is where we really get into a dillema and he gets angry. He wants Dora the explorer. In case you were unaware...... Dora seems to be exclusively put on girls underpants. Oh we know about Diego. Liam likes Diego. But he wants Dora underpants. The few tries at the store has resulted in angry tears. I'm about to cave and let him train in girls underpants... does it make me a bad mom to let him sport Dora undies?

The idea of earning treats - doesn't care. Not even for chocolate.. which you know, I'd do anything for! So we're really at a dead end here.

I'm holding out for the spring/summer which is when potty training really made sense to my older son with the excitement of peeing on trees, bushes, and other items outdoors. Hopefully that'll do the trick!!!

Any good training secrets out there??


Mrs. Querido said...

My advice...let him wait until he is ready. My oldest son was four before he pottytrained. We did it in one week. He just woke up one morning and decided he was going to be a big boy now. Praise the Lord! Patience is my advice. It is hard to be patient when everyone is bragging about how soon their little one pottytrained, but just remember every child is different.

And, as they say, children don't go off to college in diapers :)

abigaildaniels said...

He sounds just like my Aidan a few months ago. Aidan is a bit older. He turned three in October. Over the summer I pulled out training pants and started the training. After a few days Aidan told me in tears that he liked diapers better. I said ok.

About two weeks ago we pulled out the underwear again. He now has a lot more in his drawer due to Christmas. He has done GREAT this time. He still needs me to remind him to go, but he has only had a handful of accidents in a weeks time.

Maybe Liam needs some time to grow up more. Those are just my thoughts!

Jenn said...

I would have to agree with Mrs. Querido. I pushed my first son along and it back fired on me- big time. Lauren, my youngest, is 2 years 7 months old. I didn't push the potty thing too much. I would mention it now and then. Set her on the potty here and there. I figured I would be pushing a little once summer came. However, 2 weeks ago she announced she wanted to wear undies. Since then she has had only one accident! I'm so glad I waited. It made it easier on her and me!

So glad to see your posts! I've been missing you! You have been in my thoughts and definitely in my prayers.

Sam said...

all children are different aren't they! My nephew Tom took quite a while and I think ended up on track by about three and a half, my niece Emily? Different kettle of fish altogther - she's good and she's not even three yet!

So, I suppose you allow yourself to be guided by the child. (so says the woman who has no children, ha ha!!)

redeemed said...

Same advice here. Let him decide when he's ready. As much I as I loathe potty training and like to get it out of the way as soon as possible - I can't push my youngest or it just won't work. Changing diapers can get so tiring but he'll be ready soon enough.

I've heard the outside potty training works well. We did that with our oldest and she was potty trained in a weekend. As of right now, I'd like to see our youngest do this over the summer as well. We'll see if she's interested.