Sunday, July 6, 2008

News from the bathroom

Somehow with child # 4 I feel just as perplexed about potty training as I did with child #1.

I don't know how to do it. I'm not even sure how I did it and think that I really had very little to do with it besides being an enthusiastic cheerleader and quick child lifter on to the toilet.

With Isaac he was totally uninterested in the potty thing. It did not resonate within his soul to be a big boy as he had no older sibling to follow. That was tough. He finally got excited about it when I taught him one day that trees could in fact be peed on.

After that he wanted to run outside to pee for weeks. This was fine with me. Rocks, bushes, shrubs, trees, flowers, grass... it just wasn't in a diaper anymore and that was awesome. Until he ran outside and peed on my sister's puppy. I couldn't stop laughing but.. she was less than thrilled. The puppy stopped having accidents in the house though. Just kidding. But wouldn't that have been a funny after effect?

So tell me your funny potty-training stories, I know you must have them!


Andrea said...

I totally understand where you are coming from - I'm pretty sure it got more difficult with our kids as went on, than easier!!

Eliza Ray said...

Hahahaha oh man. I WISH she had stopped having accidents after that...then it would have been worth it. Haha.

Looking back, I can laugh pretty hard at that whole situation. But at the time all I could think about was the 45 minutes I spent wrestling with her in the bathtub the previous night to the incident trying to bathe her...and ending up getting more wet than she did, haha.

Oh memories!

Mrs. Querido said...

The only funny thing I can think of is how I knew Mr. Independent was ready to pottytrain. I had been cleaning the bathroom and I went to pull the toilet brush out of the holder and noticed that the water in it was a pale yellow. I thought that odd since the day before I had cleaned the toilet (not usually an everyday occurence in my household just FYI in case you thought I was some supermom or!)and had washed out the holder. I realized that the liquid was indeed pee and so I interrogated my oldest, Mr. Dramatic (as he was the only pottytrained one in the house at that time) and he denied doing it. I thought he was lying, but then I remembered that I had TWO sons! Perhaps young Mr. Independent had done it and his brother was telling the truth? Upon questioning Mr. Independent I found that he was rather proud of the fact that he had peed in the holder. He didn't even get any on the floor around it! We decided that pottytraining was definitely in order after that! But it was something to chuckle over :)

Sarah O said...

I don't have any funny stories, because Kate went so quickly from diapers to potty-trained. She was so easy! I will say though, that Liam seems a little young to me for training, as far as boys go. Maybe he just isn't ready?

Oh. Here's two things I am remembering. Automatic flushing toilets. Those are not fun AT ALL with little kids. Kate wouldn't use any public restrooms for a while after experiencing a flush while she was going. I also used her as an excuse to use a bathroom while I was pregnant. If you hold a small child while asking if you can use their restroom that is not for the public, they usually hurry you to it, hoping to avoid an accident. Little did they know it was me who had to go.

Jenn said...

Katie, I'm with you on this one! Lauren is 2 and I guess I should be thinking of potty training, but can't remember how to go about it! I think its called selective amnesia!

Amy said...

It has gotten harder for me as they come up. I have so much more in my brain, I forget to remind/encourage as often as I should. . . I'm sure I may be able to laugh about it all later but right now I sick of all the pee on the floor!

Amy Giove said...

I don't have any funny stories. I can just tell you I am VERY frustrated with the whole deal. Noah seems to be ready sometimes, has some of the things to watch for and depending on who I listen to I can't tell really if he's ready and I don't want to do enough work to get it done, If he isn't really ready, or it might be an in between thing like he's not really ready completely but might succeed if he was more interested or excited and I was more on top of it. *shrug* In my defense, how in the world do you get a kid on the potty every 20 min of awake time for over a week at the time? And how long do you keep them there? I am disappointed by this discussion though. And here I thought It'd just get easier with the rest of the kids as their time came. =)