Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Please Add

Please add comments with your own experiences and link from your blog so others will too. I think we all need a good chuckle so we don't sit down and cry ;-) It's amazing what they can accomplish in so little time.

Things Children Will Do While You're in the Bathroom:

Eat all your chocolate truffles you bought for yourself for the first time in years.

*Throw pennies down the other bathroom sink.

*Create "Body Art" with a sharpie on themselves and baby sister. (Liam said "Wook at my "too's" mommy!)

*Climb the piano, sing and dance on it.

*Drink maple syrup from the carton like it's milk or juice or something.

*Sneak a can of frosting into their closet to save and eat after bed time and the lights are out.

*Line the hallway with tissues to prepare for playing "wedding."

*Change the wallpaper on your cellphone.

*For that matter, make calls from your cellphone to random contacts and say "Mommy's on the potty now" to whoever answers.


Kathryn said...

Call Daddy at work (and every neighbor on the street) to say, "I can't find Mommy. She's not here."

Exit bathroom to find neighbors on my front porch and my husband on the phone, about to call the police. :-0

(And, I thought I was teaching her a lesson about not yelling at me from another room--and an entirely different floor--of the house. Silly me ...)

carole said...

LOL! Kids will find the ... ahem ... most interesting things to do while you are in hiding - wherever it is! I had to laugh about the tattoo. :)

redeemed said...

Burst into hysterical tears because they're sure you've vanished.

Carry all the dining room chairs to the living room and make a blanket fort.

I'm sure I could go on but this is all Ic an think of now. It's bed time :-D