Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I like animals. I do. I own two of them..... although you will regularly hear me express my displeasure with them, I do enjoy having them around. We have a dog and a cat. We've had a fish tank (yes, it did contain fish!) in the past. I kind of miss the fish. My kids have a tendency to over feed them... which they apparently cannot survive, no matter which species.

While I like animals, I enjoy them, always want to have at least a pet or two, understand why people have varieties of types of pets, you will never hear me describe myself as an animal lover.

These are the things I've seen animal loves do that just strike a deep chord within me as being not right. Don't be offended if this is you. I just am not an animal lover.

Animal lovers will share their food with their animal. Not in a toss-a-bite-from-the-table type way. But in a I'll-let-you-lick-my-ice-cream type way.

Animal lovers will run to grab one of their own hair brushes to brush out a little tangle in their pets fur.

Animal lovers will send out Christmas pictures of just their animals (animals and people is another story, I get that).

Animal lovers refer to themselves as "mommy" or "daddy" when talking to their pet.

Animal lovers will KISS animals. This is what got me thinking of this today. I saw a picture of a girl kissing a horse. I like horses, I used to ride every week in high school. But I never, ever kissed one. Just thinking about getting my lips that close to the smell of horse gives me the shivers.

So where do you rank? Do you dislike animals? Do you like animals? Are you an animal lover - and if so can you explain the above things to me???


Jenn said...

I live animals, some more than others. I would even say that I love animals. What can I say my dad was a veternarian. However, you won't find me feeding an animal off my fork or letting it slobber all over my face. I don't even include them in family photos. But, I do have an attachment to them.

Jodz said...

I realy like animals but share my food. NO WAY! and as for my hairbrush..... well its mine. My 12 yr old daughter on the other hand does share her food with her cat (and probably off the fork). Kinda grosses me out ;)