Friday, August 8, 2008

Thanks Walt Disney

So, apparently Giovanna has been watching too much Disney. This evening she asks me "So.. when am I getting a step-sister?"

Wide eyed, I repeat "Step-sister?" She says "Yeah, when am I getting one?" To which I say "Never."

"Why not? Why don't I get to have one?" So I explain to her that Daddy would have to die, which isn't happening because I made him promise never to do that, and then I'd have to re-marry someone who already has a daughter in which case she would have a step-sister. But that isn't happening. So - no step-sister.

She sort of twists her mouth a little while looking up at the ceiling, in thought, then says "How about the next baby you have, when she grows up I'll ask her to be my step sister?"

"Nope, that's not how it works," I tell her.

"It could be," is her retort.

"But it's not." I say with finality. So she skips off and says "Hey Isaac and Liam, want to be my step-brothers?" Just to prove her point to me, I'm sure.


Rissa said...

Hahaha! That girl is hilarious! I think I formed a bond with her in my heart while I was there. :) She cracks me up!

Bella's momma said...

That is too funny. It is funny what they take in!!!

Amy @ Park City Girl said...

It seems no matter how careful we may be - they pick up random stuff from the tv! Sounds like you have your hands full with her :)

Sherri - KaysvilleMomma said...

That is so cute!!!!

girlymama said...

that is so cute!!

at least she didn't ask when you were going to die or something, since none of the characters have mothers ;-)