Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday M.o.M. Review : Canon MP610 All in One Printer

After our first year of Kindergarten last school year it became evident quickly that we needed a good printer/scanner/copier for numerous reasons. I did quick research on Consumer Reports, then read the reviews on Amazon for their quick pick, and we bought this :

The Canon MP610 Printer/Copier/Scanner. We've had it for several months now and I am so very happy. It prints and copies quickly and high quality.

The copier has numerous neat features, like copying and repeating down the page just one section of the original document you scanned. Really neat if you have a handwriting page that you want your child to practice just one part of.

Also, you can copy out of a book and take away the black outline where the book doesn't fill in on the copier - do you know what I mean??

All in all, we are very happy. I would recommend this printer to everyone!

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